How Addi Naturals Began it’s Journey…

Addi Naturals is a personal care product line inspired by the First author of Beauty. Starting out as one’s personal journey to obtain truly natural products (that actually work).

I sought out ancient herbal remedies from indigenous peoples across the world; prior to the advent of harmful commercially available chemicals.

About Us



We specializes in natural and organic products grown from seed. Primarily each ingredient in grown, harvested and manufactured in the USA using traditional farming methods and hydroponics.

We use the amazing properties of nature to create highly effective, healthy, organic products that both positively impact the body and environment. Our artisanal products can be customized to cater to specific needs.



We grow our product ingredients to avoid use of toxic chemicals, hazardous ingredients, artificial dyes or fragrances. All of which, can not only irritate the skin, but get absorbed into the blood system causing health issues.

We provide an openly transparent ingredient list, in words we can all pronounce ? We do use not weird chemical versions of natural ingredients, what you see is what you get…very rare these days we know!



We believe nature has all the resources we need to live healthy beautiful lives. Our products are made with no harmful preservatives, sometimes requiring refrigeration. We remain committed to providing truly effective safe products.

To everything there is a season and typical shelve life is three to six months with proper usage. Think it not strange that you may have to refrigerate your shampoo, and ask yourself, if something is ‘real’ how can it last forever, even a year or two? Have you ever seen coconut milk last for 5 years? We follow a rule, any ingredient we use must fit two of the three, you can eat, put it in your hair or on your skin.


Ingredient Benefits

Check out our Videos Page to get more visuals from the making process as well as how to use our home made products.

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“Addi Naturals = authentic, effective and simple.”

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Skincare on the go

“Addi Naturals = authentic, effective and simple.”.

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