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I have a rule, each ingredient I use must fit two of the three: you can eat, put it in your hair, or be able to use it on your skin

Addi Naturals is a personal care product line inspired by the First Author of Beauty.

Starting out as one’s personal journey to obtain a truly natural product (that actually works). I sought out ancient herbal remedies from indigenous peoples across the world; prior to the advent of harmful commercially available chemicals. Since 2016, we have been establishing a trusting and loyal relationship with our clients.


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The beginning

Products that are safe, natural and without any additives

“Coping” with issues of dryness, dandruff, damage and even hair loss was not acceptable… it was time I found a real solution. Temporary, superficial “fixes” such as weaves and extensions actually did more harm than good. It was time to go natural. At first I became a product junky, buying all the latest “amazing” products that I thought would instantly fix all my hair issues. I’d get excited when I found a “natural” or “organic” product, but once I looked beyond the marketing and did my homework on the ingredients, I was often left with yet another product with toxic chemicals that did not meet my standards. I wanted to use products that I knew were safe, natural and without any additives. Manufacturers are legally allowed to hide hundreds of chemicals in the ingredient “fragrance” or “parfum” and do not have to list them on the ingredient label. After extensive research, I realized I would need to create what I was looking for; this led me to develop Addi Naturals.

Holding several certifications in agriculture, beekeeping and herbs I grow my own plants in organic soil, create essential oils using steam distillation or cold pressed, use copper purified water and only purchase organic and fair trade carrier oils, resins and butters when needed. I am involved in every process of each product to ensure the integrity that I require for myself.

Our Offer

Effective products that inspire healthy lifestyles beginning from the inside.

We only offer products that we use with our own families. People need to be more aware and challenge the information they are advertised. When choosing a product it is best to do a little (meaning a lot of) research. Look at the ingredient list and study the ingredients of the brand. Don’t believe everything that is said on the front of the label. It’s best to look at the ingredients to see what’s inside the bottle. The higher on the list the ingredient is, the higher the percentage of that ingredient you will find in the product. If the ingredient is listed towards the bottom of the list, then you are getting very little of that ingredient. Also, the skin is the largest organ in the body and since it is porous, it quickly absorbs anything applied to it. Studies show “your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it,” and “anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds.” Because of this, Addi Naturals grows all of its products, avoiding use of toxic chemicals, hazardous ingredients, artificial dyes or fragrances. All of which, can not only irritate the skin, but get absorbed into the blood system.
Addi Naturals hopes to inspire healthy lifestyles beginning from the inside. We believe you can enhance your life without sacrificing your health..

At Addi Naturals, we want to become the standard of healthy, natural personal care products. To enhance life without sacrificing health. Nature has provided us with all the necessities for healthy living… you just have to be willing to seek them out..


What they’re saying

Great products for natural hair with quality ingredients. This line is catered to fit all your hair needs. Took my hair from dry and lifeless to full of moisture.

Eliora (Newark, NJ)

The Yucca Shampoo made my hair so soft and grab its natural curl pattern right after the first use. It only took a small amount.

Amaris (Philadelphia, PA)

I have been using Addi Naturals for six months now and let me tell you her products are amazing. My hair has grown so much healthier and really soft. I have never used a product that was more natural than this. It has my hair feeling so great. I love these products and will continue to use only Addi Naturals.

Susanna (Millvile, New Jersey)

Addi Naturals is everything one could ask for and need. All her products are full of great food grade natural ingredients, handmade and pure. I appreciate the raw ingredients, minimal processing and so does my body. It’s not only a good product that works, it delivers added benefits that i need.

Priscilla (Philadelphia, Pa)

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