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Case Studies Show that Vaginal Steaming After Miscarriage May Speed Up Recovery

Benefits of Vaginal Steaming

  We’ve all seen the Hollywood film portrayal. A pregnant woman has a sharp pain and then is rushed to the hospital. In the next scene a solemn doctor enters the hospital room and shakes his head. Then the woman cries and it’s over. Unfortunately, that’s not usually what happens. According to some statistics one in […]

What Are Superfoods? Why Should You Care? 

What are Superfoods?

More than a decade ago, we were introduced to “Superfoods.”  The term was first used by the food, beverage and diet industry in 2003 to describe fruits, vegetables and foods that offered more than average nutrition and many surprising health benefits. Superfoods are considered to be a cut above ordinary foods because of their highly concentrated […]

Balance Honoring the Physician

Balance Honoring the Physician

Specialization has its benefits and drawbacks. The most obvious benefit is that it allows someone to study a subject/topic in-depth. Possibly even more in-depth than anyone else has ever done. And this could be a great benefit to everybody else. The obvious drawback is that when this happens, the advanced subject matter can be too […]

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