Does Your Man Have a Beard?

Does Your Man Have a Beard? - Addi Naturals
It’s official! The “must have” accessory for men this year is NOT the 18-inch pleated skirt (surprisingly enough). The majority of men have decided to take the more traditional route. The beard. In its simplicity, the beard has become a powerful and iconic fashion statement for men throughout the world.
Once considered a fashion “faux paux” by modern fashion experts and taboo in the work place, the beard has made a glorious comeback over the past few years. Some say it was due to the influx of celebrities pridefully adorning their badge of manly dignity for the flashing lights of the paparazzi. I say, it began with men who were willing to challenge what society considered to be “normal” and grew tired of shaving being a part of their morning routines. but, who am I to say?
With so many different styles to choose from (each one being unique to the face which it resides) it is hard to resist the lure of the beard. Whether it be the “salt n pepper” Edris Elba look, the “mountain man” made famous by Brad Pitt look or the “beard with a man behind it” look brandished by Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies… there is a flavor for everyone.
Now, with that being said, you must ask yourself… where is yours? Is it tucked away safely under your lip at night? Is it demanding respect at those coffee driven board meetings you so love to attend? If not, then don’t worry… we all have to start from the beginning to get to an end. Ladies, if your significant other does not have a beard then, you can counsel him. Go through a catalogue of beards and find one that would be a welcome addition to the family.
Friends, I leave you with this  “there are only two types of people without beards.. women and children”
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