Hair Today…. Gone Tomorrow

Hair Today.... Gone Tomorrow - Addi Naturals
Hair… we’ve all had it at some point of our lives (some more than others). We have also all had that one “safety do” that got us through high school without bringing too much unwanted attention our way. Now that we have passed that stage of our lives, we always want to try something new and for most of us… it never happens. Scared to traverse the “ladder of change”, we continue into our adulthood with what the same staple hair-do that got us through our adolescence. Your hairstylist doesn’t even ask you what it is that you want anymore because you both know the answer to that question.
But, we are now entering a new age when it comes to hair trends. With the advancement of technology in the hair and beauty market, consumers are changing their do’s as much as they change their socks. this doesn’t mean that people are going more “synthetic” when it comes to their hair, it means that they are doing the natural thing a lot better than they were. It’s not all about the blonde or green, wiry hair anymore (although, it is still significant), women and men alike are looking for products to enhance their natural look.
There is an extremely thin (almost invisible) line between a trendy hair “go” and a trendy hair “no”. You can mostly attribute this to years of what I would like to call “Red Carpet Experiments”. This is when your common celebrity bypasses the long lines at the local metro sexual beauty salon only to end up at the mercy of a canvas artist with scissors. Although, this is done for the sole purpose of attracting attention to his/her self to promote a movie (book, wedding cake, ice-cream flavor, etc.) some of us regular Joe/Joanne types will take the time to “try this at home”. Almost all the time this will end with the most embarrassing and downright hilarious results.
Now… I’m not saying to stay away from trying different things or to seek out the perfect “do” for you. But, what I am saying is to seek out the perfect “do” for you. Be realistic. The shape of your head may not compliment that new low cut you were contemplating. Do not be afraid to go natural. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it makes in confidence building (considering that it is all you and not store bought). Be yourself… nobody is going to be you for you.

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