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What can be worse than going for a night out and feeling as though you left the stove on. But, you realize that gas oven became obsolete 20 years ago and you never cook. You still have the feeling… you start checking your pockets to see if you left any of your essentials at home. Your keys, wallet, Chapstick, phone and gum are all were they should be. Then, you start to smell a familiar odor… like microwaved Chinese food. You’re at the movies and the closest Chinese restaurant is 4 miles away and is currently closed due to a series of health violations. Finally, it hits you like a big sack of moldy onions… anxiety is at a tipping point. Pretending to wipe your nose in your sleeve, you take a whiff and all your fears are confirmed with butt clenching horror… You forgot to apply your “lucky” anti-perspirant after you got out of the shower. Now you are (and will always be) the “Guy with Body Odor”. There is absolutely no coming back from that.
Although, I may have dramatized it a little, most of us do think it is the end of the world when or if we forget to use deodorant. It is a part of our daily routine. We all have a particular fragrance we have found that works really well with our confidence. But, there is one thing that we fail to ask… does it work well with our bodies?
Apart from the fact that most anti-perspirants contain aluminum (yes, number 13 on the periodic table) they are also rumored to play a part in breast cancer. These studies have not been proven as 100 percent true. But, the fact that it is actually a “study” will probably leave you looking for an alternative to that “New Spice” (wink) or “Ask” (wink, wink) brands you’ve gotten used to.
Luckily for us, there is always a natural alternative. Using perishable ingredients (like shea butter and coconut oil) we can produce a deodorant that is more effective than your store brand. Natural anti-perspirants can cause you to sweat less instead of just providing a temporary solution to body odor. When it comes to pricing, it may cost a little more (due to the quality of ingredients) but, you will be able to make a lot more with the ingredients that you have. Most recipes are available online, but you can try adding your own little spin to it to make it your own.
So, for those of you who don’t mind putting in a little work… a natural anti-perspirant may be the way to go when it comes to fighting “Body Odor” (just typing those words next to each other gives me anxiety).

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