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Herbs and Spices Benefits by Addi Naturals

At Addi Naturals, we take a holistic approach to healthy living. The body is interdependent,  what you put on it is just as important as what you put in it. The easiest way to be healthy is to eat healthy. Herbs provide medicinal benefits and delicious flavor. And any cook will tell you that the secret to great food is great flavor, which usually results from using spices and herbs in correct portions and combinations. For some cooks, getting the flavor right can be a challenge: How much spice is enough? How will these herbs taste together? Which is best—fresh or dried? Below are 25 amazing spices and herbs, their flavor palate and just a few known health benefits, this is not an exhaustive list by any means. Eat to your Health!


Flavor: Allspice tastes like a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.
Health Benefit: Relieves indigestion


Flavor: Lovage smells lemony and tastes like celery.
Health Benefit: Digestive aid

Basil, Sweet

Flavor: Sweet basil has a mild mint-licorice flavor.
Health Benefit: Relieves insomnia


Flavor: Mace has a mild nutmeg flavor.
Health Benefit: Increase blood circulation

Bay Leaves

Flavor: Bay leaves have a woodsy, pleasantly bitter taste.
Health Benefit: Treats migraines


Flavor: Marjoram has a delicate, flowery taste.
Health Benefit: Increase blood circulation


Flavor: Cardamom has a mild ginger flavor.
Health Benefit: Eases congestion


Flavor: Mint leaves have a fruity, pungent taste.
Health Benefit: Eases muscle tension

Celery Seed

Flavor: Celery seed tastes like celery.
Health Benefit: Support bone health


Flavor: Nutmeg has a nutty, sweet taste.
Health Benefit: Relieves insomnia


Flavor: Chervil has a mild flavor similar to that of parsley.
Health Benefit: Reduce fluid retention


Flavor: Oregano is reminiscent of thyme and zestier than marjoram
Health Benefit: Antibacterial


Flavor: Chives have a delicate onion flavor.
Health Benefit: Prevent cancer


Flavor: Paprika has a tangy-sweet flavor.
Health Benefit: Prevent inflammation


Flavor: Cilantro has a mild flavor similar to that of parsley.
Health Benefit: Improve heart health

Poppy Seed

Flavor: Poppy seeds have a sweet, nutty flavor.
Health Benefit: Decrease anxiety


Flavor: Cinnamon has a warm, sweet flavor.
Health Benefit: Anti-inflammatory


Flavor: Rosemary has a fresh, sweet flavor.
Health Benefit: Antioxidant


Flavor: Cumin has a salty-sweet flavor similar to that of caraway.
Health Benefit: Antioxidant


Flavor: Sage has a strong and warm taste
Health Benefit: Aids digestion


Flavor: Garlic has a pungent, aromatic, mild to biting taste when raw.
Health Benefit: Reduce blood pressure


Flavor: Tarragon has a slightly bitter anise-licorice flavor.
Health Benefit: Treat digestion issues


Flavor: Ginger has a sweet, fiery flavor
Health Benefit: Soothes nausea


Flavor: Thyme has a pleasant, pungent, clove flavor.
Health Benefit: Antibacterial and Antifungal


Flavor :Turmeric has a mild earthy flavor.
Health Benefit: Antioxidant


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