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What is Tung Oil? Why we use Tung Oil?

Pure Tung oil is a drying oil that’s extracted from the seed of the tung tree, which is native to China and a few other Asian countries. The oil has been used for centuries as a water-resistant finish for boats and other wooden objects, as well as to finish stone.

Addi Naturals uses Pure Tung Oil on the V-Steam Sauna Boxes.

Pure Tung oil is an excellent alternative to other drying oils, such as walnut, linseed and soy. Durable, food safe, and protective waterproof finish that does not mold, darken or go rancid. Pure Tung oil has been popular for thousands of years, thanks to the protective and waterproof finish it creates on wood and other porous surfaces.

These days, pure tung oil is also gaining momentum because it’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and food safe.

Vaginal Steaming is a health treatment that warrants the most sensitive of care and at Addi Naturals every detail matters. The use of Tung Oil ensures only safe and healthy substances are in contact with the user.

Tung nuts are actually the seeds inside the fruit of the tung tree. They fall into a category called “drupes,” which also includes other fleshy fruits surrounding a “pit” or shelled seed, such as cherries, plums, peaches and even almonds and pecans. It’s not at all unusual for someone who has a tree nut allergy to be perfectly fine with consuming drupes.

Peanuts, by the way, are technically legumes. Even if you can’t eat peanut butter, you may be able to safely enjoy coconut, peaches, pistachios and yes, even tung nuts and the resulting oil.

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